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Please add more unwarranted explosions to gifs. It’s my favorite.

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Guess what I’ve been playing
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Guess what I’ve been playing

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furuthescrafty asked: Nice Lilligant armor Mystiknight.

It’s supposed to be medieval/conquistador-ish but whatever

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When everything goes bad, princess Raggedy is there for you. Will she be useful? Will she be able to help? Most likely not. But the thought counts, huh?


Tiny raggedy princess for tiny needs.

(yeah I said I’d draw this but I forgot to upload the tiny doodle oops)

Meanwhile mystiknight is still underpayed for guard duty under princess Raggedy’s oppressive and gay reign

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I still remember booting up this game for the first time

Best racing series IMO

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airenu asked: plants with unkillable aphids and diseases or no plants at all

I’ll fucking die for plants

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